Review : Apption Labs Meater Block

So I bought a Meater when they first came out, when the improved Meater+ came out – I bought one of those. Guess what, when the Meater Block was released, it was a must have item.

So – what are they – well that’s easy enough to answer. They are a smart wireless temperature probe to tell you how hot your meat is (ooer).

What makes them smart you say ? Well, there’s an app (for iOS and Android) that answers that. To start with you pair the probe with your phone (or pair the Meater+ repeater or Meater Block depending on which model you have).

Meater Block

Once paired simply open the app to complete setup and et voila you’re ready to go.

So – you want to cook something – well, it couldn’t be simpler. Remove your probe, place it in the meat just pass the insertion line. Open the app, tap on the probe, tap setup cook, you can then select a guided cook from the menu or select a custom cook.
You can then sit back and monitor your cook from your phone. If you’re using the Meater Block or Meater+ you can connect to Meater Cloud and monitor the cook from anywhere you have an Internet connection e.g. tablet, phone, PC. You can select a graph or just keep an eye on the temps.

When you get to the recommended temperature the Meater will alert you and tell you to remove your cook from the heat. The Meater also takes into consideration optimal resting time, so it will tell you when the cook is actually ready.

Have a look at for more information.

Having owned one for a year now, I really can’t fault it and think it’s a ace bit of kit. You have to remember Barbecues & Smokers are very large and effective Faraday Cages. You have to take this into account, and a little common sense when using the probes and setting up your cook will go a long way. Always try and keep a line of sight to the probe, and keep the Block, Repeater or phone as close to the cook as you can.


Beautiful build quality.
Fantastic App.
Being a truly wireless probe it’s about as versatile as a probe can get – ideal for use with a rotisserie.
Great customer support.

Price – But the old adage you get what you pay for is firmly in play here.
Look out for deals from shops and Amazon.
If you don’t need 4 probes then the Meater & Meater+ are cheaper alternatives to the Meater Block.


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